Commitment To Quality

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated in a program and one of our core company values called our Quality Assurance Concept (QAC). No other contractor has this QAC program because it was born in our company! Each time we do an estimate, the potential customer will receive a copy of the following statement. This  serves as a mini-contract showing you the level of commitment we have to giving you the very best fence available. I personally sign each copy to demonstrate how much I believe in this program!

~Daniel J Bockman

The statement reads as follows:


At Bockman Group Fencing, our moto is: “High quality fencing for high valued assets and property”

We live and work by this motto and it’s just one of our core business values that we are very proud of. We also have an internal business concept that we call the QAC, (Quality Assurance Concept).


What is QAC? Put very simply, our Quality Assurance Concept is a way for you the customer to make an informed decision about the contractors installing your new fence. We understand that not everyone will know all the methods and business practices of other fencing companies but Bockman Group Fencing Co is very transparent when it comes to best practices. While other fence contractors don’t want you to know all the “tricks of the trade”, we want nothing more than for you to know them!!!


Like in any business, margins are tight and profits can be slim. There are lots of short cuts that can be made and done to maximize profits on a project. These short cuts are also a main business practice to make fast money and get more work for the fence contractor.


Bockman Group QAC guarantee: The whole theme behind our Quality Assurance Concept is to guarantee to you, our valued customer, that when Bockman Group Fencing does an estimate for your fence project, we are basing that estimate on only the best materials available and with best practices installation. There are no short cuts even considered! The QAC concept goes even deeper into our company beyond the quality and craftsmanship of our work. QAC helps our wonderful employees with their career development and their own sense of doing a job right! Our new employees go through a rigorous training probationary before we let them work on their own or supervise crews.              


Like I said, The Bockman Group Quality Assurance Concept is not only a workmanship practice, but it’s also a business practice for customer service. We are the only company that sees business as- delivering more value than promised to our customers. We believe your business has to be earned, not owed to us just because we are a local company. We are the only fencing company in the area that has the Quality Assurance Concept because the concept was born within our company!  


My name is Daniel J Bockman and I am the owner of Bockman Group Fencing Co. The Quality Assurance Concept is my brain-child and I will personally stand by this concept in that, the craftsmanship and the professionalism of my employees will be nothing less than the gold standard for our industry! I have a saying: “I would rather lose your business than sell you an inferior fence”!!! If you ever have questions about our QAC concept, I can be reached 24hrs a day, 365 days a year at 307-751-6714 or or FB messenger and Bockman Group Instagram”


Thank you for your business!