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Bockman Group Fencing is Building new Ideas

One of our favorite thing is to work with a customer who like new ideas in fencing. Not many people know that their new fence can be just about anything they want. That’s the beauty of being a fence contractor. Not only do we get to go out and meet great people but we get to brainstorm awesome ideas for their fence. Bockman Group Fencing CO strives to be the contractor without limits. So many fencing companies out there today will only work with traditional style fencing and stays in the industry box of what is available and standard.

Here is one example of a fence we will be doing soon here in Sheridan and one in Dayton Wyoming.


This fence is a combo of different materials and is not limited to you see in the picture. It can be built with no climb wire fabric, beef panels, hog panels or just woven wire. Cedar, pine or redwood would work well in any combination.

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