Ponderosa Fence

If you are thinking about having continuse fence installed on you property this year, consider Ponderosa fence. Not only does it look great, but we can install Ponderosa fence for the same price as traditional post and continuous fence! With that said, the choice is clear! We are the area’s only contractor that has experience with Prieferts new fencing line, Ponderosa Fence. Ponderosa is incredibly beautiful and strong.

This is one of our favorites fences to install because the customer is always more than satisfied with the end result.


All wood posts are pressure treated after all the holes are drilled to ensure the longevity of the wood. Every wood post comes with a domed top for safety and water shed.

The holes drilled for tubing are cone shaped for flexibility over terrain and in and around curves. This innovative, patented design fits the outer diameter of the tube, in the center of the hole, while allowing the rail freedom of movement towards the outer dimensions of the drilled post.

The rails come in a variety of powder coated colors sure to fit anyone’s taste

The rail-in-rail “swedge” design allows us to construct a fence with the appearance of a single rail running from end to end without any welding. This design creates a beautiful fence that flows with the contour of your land and around corners. The swedge design also allows your fence to expand and contract without buckling in extreme temperatures.


Using the same concept as the “swedge” tubing connection, the Ponderosa post connectors allow for expansion and contraction as well as versatility. The end of the tubing is cut to exact length, the connector slides into the tubing and connects to the post with two lag bolts.

The gates come in the same color options as the rail and are fitted to look as fluid as the fence rail with beautiful hinges

Braces are done with ease with the 9′ 6″ brace sections

Of course Live stock safety and effectiveness are paramount

Easily follows over most any topography

And just flat gorgeous!